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I’m Elisa! Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Teacher, and Coach here to support you on your life journey.

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Embrace your Purpose, reconnect with your Loved Ones, and Your Intuition with a one-to-one session, course, or my “Back to the Heart” program 💜

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Your Purpose

Your sensitivity is a gift: you can learn to treat it as such. I know how challenging it feels to be looking for meaning, being aware of “something bigger” at work for us all and still be fighting with self-doubts and lack of confidence, day in day out.

Your Soul has the key to your truest, most authentic life: one where you’ll feel deeply grateful and satisfied almost every day. That’s what it means to live aligned with our Purpose.

It would be my honor to be part of your path, whether you’re interested in receiving guidance from your Spiritual Tam and Self, or if you want support to expand your work and business.

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I’m Elisa

I’m an Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Coach and Teacher.

I’ve always been very sensitive, since I can remember.

I’ve always felt a strong connection to God, which felt like love, like a powerful creative energy.

But as much as I’d like to say that it’s always been downhill from there, it didn’t. Because I was so inspired, receptive and apt at sharing messages with whomever needed one, I’ve had my shares of struggles because of other people’s negative judgement and misunderstanding. As a result, I had to embark on my own healing journey to make peace with the truth of who I am.


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Words of Praise

“I will forever treasure our time together”

I recently had a Mediumship reading with Elisa and to say I was astounded is an understatement.  
She brought through my beloved grandfather and a well-known author that my grandfather & I both loved, who both had messages of encouragement for me.  There were several key details that I could validate, and so much healing occurred in our time together.  
I also experienced a confirming ‘coincidence’ during our conversation which I’ll have to file in the “you can’t make this stuff up” folder.  I know I’ll be reflecting on this conversation for a long time!
Elisa is a powerful friend to the heavenly realm and a supportive soul to those who need healing and encouragement.

– Libba Phillips, the Intuitive Navigator

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Expand your Intuition

If you’re ready to expand on what you learned on Level I or know already, then this workshop is for you. Understand how your intuition works and how to leverage it.

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Access the Akashic Records.

If you feel called to learn more about this powerful tool and how it can change your life – and others – sign up to know when the next course will start!!

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A 21 day journey to understand and own your value, boosting your self-confidence through a channeled healing meditation and other tools.

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Back to the Heart

A unique program to help you take the fundamental steps to your truest self while learning to trust your intuition and feel confident again

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