I help creatives – passionate and intuitive souls – overcome self-doubts and transform their struggles into clarity, confidence, and courage needed to live in alignment with their soul’s purpose, in life and business.

  • You have lots of ideas and a hard time focusing (or completing) your projects
  • Every time you begin something new, you doubt yourself and start procrastinating
  • Your time and energy are spread thin over way too many interests, people, needs…
  • …which leaves you with little to no time for yourself
  • And, a vague sense of guilt when you decide to make more room for your own needs
  • Your relationships do not look like that haven of mutual support, love, and friendship you’re craving
  • Your relationship with money feels more like a one-sided one
  • You tend to neglect your intuitive “side” and its messages, then regret it
  • You realize you don’t truly believe in yourself
  • Negative experiences from the past are still holding you back
  • Sometimes you feel ashamed, fearful, and doubtful, and despite all the books and courses, not much has changed yet.

My Path To Transformation

For me, everything started with the commitment I made to myself to become the happy person I knew I deserved to be.

However, before I got there…for the first 33 years of my life, I had nurtured 2 great passions of mine: art and spiritual research.
I was an actress, then a songwriter, a writer, and a poet. Like many other people, I was trying to find a balance between the work I loved and the jobs I needed. However, I lived with a constant sense of apprehension.

Among the many questions, the most urgent was the same. Am I doing something meaningful? Is what I do inspiring others or helping them and in what ways? What is my purpose? What am I actually meant to do?

I have searched for the answers by studying astrology and tarot readings, I-Ching and philosophy, Reiki and Bach Flowers, Angels and Spirit Guides…these disciplines – some already ingrained in my family – have helped me and I still look into them in my work. However, back then, I could not connect the dots.

Then, in a few months, all the things that were part of my life – a job I liked (at the time), a romantic relationship, some sort of economic stability, the cultivation of my passion for music with my band – everything fell apart, leaving me with nothing left.

The Dark Night of the Soul

I remember one late night, in bed, feeling overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, totally lost, and clueless. My mind tortured me by listing the thousands of problems I would have to deal with. Then something happened.

For a single but very vivid moment, I considered death a possibility. My life could not possibly be “that”.

I fell asleep with that painful feeling stuck in my heart. Still, the morning after something felt different. I couldn’t tell what that was at the moment, something like a sense of presence and clarity. In hindsight, I can see that I had chosen the path that lead me here: the path of the heart. I started the journey to find my true essence, accepting responsibilities for my life, changing what needed to be changed, with the strongest will to be happy.

The healing process helped me trace back to all the good things I knew to be true about me. I repaid my debts with hard work and commitment to change. That decision in itself set the stage for a series of helpers to come my way – old friends I hadn’t seen in ages, a one-of-a-kind energy healer, the American guy I met at a casual pizza dinner, to name a few.

I realized that my past – receiving messages through dreams or visions, channeled writing, my innate interest in all things metaphysics and intuition – had been waving at me all along. So I decided to continue on that path and learn more of what I’d intuitively do to help others – and that’s where my work began.

Since then, I have married that American guy and gave birth to our lovely daughter. I am doing the most exciting and rewarding work ever while helping people on their path and manifesting many of my lifetime dreams. I moved to San Francisco from Faenza, Italy, attended my first Yoga Teacher training, got in a deeper connection with my Soul, the Masters, and Teachers, and, finally, acknowledged my gifts.

This is the path I walk every day, even when I feel like I’m wandering in the dark again (take my Quiz if you want to understand where you’re at in your Soul Path and how to move to the next phase!).

Finding FAITH in our own lives is the most authentic gift we can give to ourselves.

Passion inspires me to teach and share what I have learned because it changed my life.

I’ve been working on myself for a very long time now, and I bring my natural, highly intuitive skills to the many transformational tools I’ve used to take responsibility and free myself from the many limiting beliefs that were keeping me hostage.

Maybe just like you, I could sense there was more – to life, and myself – to discover and to make happen. But even after a few steps were taken, I would still somehow stop my progress as if an invisible string was pulling me back.

What’s possible for you is to find and transform those limiting beliefs and conquer the clarity you’ve been searching for, the confidence to take the needed steps, and the courage to persist and make your vision come true.

I want to help you change your personal history once and for all.

The first step is always to take responsibility for your healing. 

How can Elisa help you?

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