My 12-week program allows you to move from self-doubt to self-trust, unlock your potential, and succeed, in life and business.

Creative, intuitive, and sensitive people like you cultivate a deep desire to feel fulfilled, in life and in important relationships.

That desire makes you different from the rest for a reason: instead of shrugging and thinking “you can’t have it all”, you are looking for a solution. Real. Effective.

  • You’re tired of stumbling upon the same patterns over and over, even if you swore this would have been the last time. Time passes by and you realize that your fears are eroding your hopes.
  • You had to hide part of your real being, ashamed, and it has become such a habit that you have partly lost trust in yourself and your talents. Are they really talents? Doubts do not let go as easily.

After all, with all the work done so far, some life-changing event should have already happened…right?

Making lasting changes happen by doing it alone is not easy. We all have blind spots that make our personal journey much more complex. Learning a new tool or technique is not the solution.

Reframing the relationship with yourself and reviewing it with new eyes though, really works. And then you can make those tools work.

Maybe you would like to change your job or the way you work or even start a new adventure and master your time (and your earnings). You would like to stop sabotaging yourself, have pleasant relationships, and find the ideal one for you.

Everything hinges on the most important thing: your relationship with yourself.

This is what I have changed in my life and it’s the basis of Back to the Heart.

When that relationship suffers the shadows of distrust, doubt, and ongoing criticism, it is really hard to realize yourself and your potential.

Of course, some people achieve some form of success by pushing and puffing against their own shadows, but without ever facing the wounds that are hidden behind them. They must be embraced and healed before they create bigger issues.

In the video interview below, Christina talks about her experience and what changed for her and her relationships during our work together.

I have a gift for seeing your possibilities and your talent, and I deeply believe that it’s not only your right but also your duty to believe in yourself and in your fulfillment.

Much of the pain humans feel comes from harsh criticism and lack of self-love. And a soul that doesn’t find fulfillment, cannot emanate anything but frustration. By doing our part, we’re all contributing to the awakening, change, and evolution we need.

Torna al Cuore

Back to the Heart is my program and the method I have created to help you free yourself from the layers of conditioning, limiting false beliefs and victim mentality that have oppressed you for a lifetime (maybe many lifetimes).

It’s the result of my own quest for my life purpose and all the blocks and limitations I met along the way. Through soul-searching, studies and personal experiences, I started putting pieces together, just like you would a puzzle.

My goal is to support you as you create a new vision of yourself, free from the inevitable distortions gathered on your journey. And to leave you with useful tools and the self-love you need to become who you really are.

Imagine who you could be without those sabotaging thoughts that push you now one way, now the other.

Start to spend your life with confidence, being in love with who you are and at peace with your past. You know that you have more to give and experience, otherwise your Soul would not have been desperately trying to attract your attention several times to urge you to do something.

My work is to assist, guide and teach you.

Although it follows a common thread, this program is not some pre-made content-ready, cookie-cutter formula to be indistinctly shared with everyone.

My strong sensitivity and intuition, combined with creativity, and continuous training allow me to adapt the route and use different tools according to your personality and your real needs.

Back to the Heart allows you to:

  • remove all those layers of conditioning that do not belong to you and are blocking your heart, your true essence
  • learn to manage frustration, fears, and doubts
  • understand, accept and capitalize on your talents
  • align your values and actions allowing you to make choices that are truly YOURS
  • learning to live with a sense of constant evolution, fulfillment, and joy
  • put aside the past and stay in the present
  • believe in yourself!
  • gain access and trust your intuition
  • eradicate self-sabotage
  • find a balance, including a spiritual one, that allows you to mentally feel at peace
  • improve your relationships

I guess it is the opposite of what you are experiencing now, right?

Who is Back to the Heart for?

This program is for you if:

  • you are tired of “trying” alone or with ineffective tools
  • you have decided to rely on someone else
  • you want to find direction and clarity
  • you are willing to invest in you in terms of time and energy
  • you know you are open and curious
  • you share values like honesty and opening up your heart and mind (or wish to learn to do so)
  • you have decided to put an end to doubts and procrastination and find clarity, direction, and most of all, yourself.

It is perfect for someone who respects and appreciates the connection with the spiritual side of life, which is what my approach is all about. I mean it: everything is based on this approach.

I will act with total honesty and with an open heart and mind. So it perfectly fits those who appreciate and share the same values.

Therefore, if:

  • you don’t think you have to/can do anything to live better
  • you tend to escape responsibility for your choices, actions, and experience in general
  • you always “blame” the circumstances and do not intend to change your mind
  • what I am talking about does not resonate at all

    I’m not the right person for you and this is NOT the right program for you.

    Torna al Cuore percorso online

How does the program work?

  • We will be working online, with the same excellent results as if we were meeting in person, via Zoom (a free application, which I can easily teachyou to use).
  • First, we meet to explore your current situation, which also helps us understand if we are a good match
  • If so, we schedule the first session where we lay the foundations for our work together
  • We meet approximately every two weeks, for a total of 9 sessions, over a span of 12 weeks
  • You might have some assignments and tasks to do. This will make what you learn more concrete
  • The tools I use include but are not limited to:
  • consulting your Akashic Records, receiving transformational coaching sessions, meditating, working with your Spiritual Powers …

If you want to finally dissolve the blocks that limit you, perhaps for a lifetime, recognize and release the potential that is in you and live in alignment with your Soul, book your free exploration call.