Intuition, Our Best Compass – Level 1 Training

In this training, you’ll discover:


– how the intuition works and why it’s so important – especially these days

– what can change when we listen to our intuition

– myths you don’t need to believe anymore

– 3 simple practical steps you can begin taking today

– the 3 most common obstacles – so common it’s very easy to miss them and how to overcome them

And I know that will help you grow your relationship with your Intuition even more!



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Meet Your Guide

Elisa Palma-Hancock’s biggest passions have always been art and all things metaphysics. Her natural intuitive gifts developed early within a like-minded family: her beloved Grandma taught her to read cards when she was a teen. She dedicated her younger years to theatre, music, and exploring different disciplines, from Astrology to Reiki, always looking for the answer to the eternal question: what’s my purpose?

After an awakening experience, she answered the call to do more of what she’d been doing all along: being a channel for Love, Positivity, and Spirit.

She trained in several disciplines from Life Coaching to NLP to Past Lives Regression while healing herself from the many layers of trauma conditioning and negative beliefs.

Elisa now helps creatives, empaths, and entrepreneurs transform their own inner blocks into clarity, confidence, and self-love, and to live purposefully both life and business. Native Italian, she relocated to the U.S. several years ago and loves to share her time between the two worlds.