Limiting Beliefs: how to identify and change them

Have you ever wondered why you keep finding yourself in the same unpleasant situations over and over again? By now, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about limiting beliefs and how they influence our reality.

The following guide that I wrote for you, will help you understand what limiting beliefs are, how they’re born, and why they put your life on repeat.

Also, at the end, I share with you my 5-step process to teach you how to identify and change your limiting beliefs. So grab pen and paper (or download the workbook I made for you here) and read along!

In my experience, discovering our core beliefs and realizing how they influence our choices and decisions is a necessary step in our evolutionary journey.

These beliefs subtly control our everyday lives running silently in the background. They are deeply tied to our emotions and are mostly responsible for our actions.

Let’s say you’ve been telling yourself you want to start saving some money. It’s a wise and common goal to have. Yet, you can’t seem to keep money in your pockets long enough to even count it, it either gets spent too fast or you seem to manifest sudden bills or unexpected expenses.

These all can stop when you transform your beliefs.

And let’s not forget that what we’re doing really is “peeling the onion”. We all know that the center of the onion (our core) is hidden under all the layers wrapped around it (beliefs of all kinds). We need to peel away the layers in order to find our true selves, and finally BECOME who we were meant to be.

Here’s how to discover your limiting beliefs and change them.

#1: Our belief system influences our reality

As I was saying, our negative beliefs run our lives in many unexpected yet predictable ways – that’s how vital it is to become aware of them.

If we want to take ownership and manifest a better life for ourselves, then there are two crucial laws we must understand, and remember:

  • The Law of Co-Creation: we partnered up with the Universe and its Life Force to co-create our experience – the good AND the bad. The Universe doesn’t think for us, it just supports us.
  • The Law of Responsibility: we are solely responsible for our choices at any moment in time. This might be a little bit harder to swallow, I understand. But when we truly embrace it, the game really changes.

These two laws work together. In a future post, I will explore them more in-depth and further explain their influence on our lives.

That time the Universe gifted me with a very important lesson

In my early 20s, I had an eye-opening experience.

I was working on a big project for the City Hall. It was a great opportunity with good pay, even if it took up all of my summer and free time. When the project was finally finished, I eagerly awaited my payment to arrive in the mail. I was already dreaming of all the wonderful things I would have spent my money on.

The morning the check finally came, I was jumping up and down with excitement. I wasn’t used to having big sums of money – nor small ones, to tell the truth. Mine wasn’t a wealthy family and what I’ve learned about money so far wasn’t very empowering. But I was completely clueless at the time.

I then noticed a second envelope addressed to me, so I opened it up…to find three fines amounting to just about the same total as my reward for my hard work. I was not expecting that for sure.

At that moment I felt powerless and even more clueless as to why such an unfair thing was happening TO ME. In tears, I felt betrayed and resentful.

But a few years later, when I began exploring the real meaning of money, I realized that the Universe had offered me a very important lesson in responsibility and co-creating.

To begin with, I did not believe that money was something that I could have. My beliefs around money and wealth were limited and focused on lack because that was all I had learned about it so far. Think of your money stories as you would any other relationship: if you don’t trust it, cherish it, appreciate it, believe in it, or believe you deserve it, it will never be a happy, balanced one. 

In hindsight, receiving the check (my pay), and losing it the same day should have not surprised me at all. Furthermore, I was the one who had chosen to ignore the fines for way too long, maybe hoping they would take care of themselves! My lack of responsibility played a big role in my co-creating part. The Universe generously offered me a mirror so that I could look into it and find the answer to the question: “Why is this happening TO ME?”

The answer could have been something along the lines of “Because although I can manifest more abundance, I don’t really think I deserve it – so here’s a fine to go with it. You’re welcome.”

That experience set me off to some serious soul-searching and to something way more rewarding than a paycheck. Although Google was in its early stages and there weren’t many resources available on the subject of beliefs and manifesting, I finally came down to the very building blocks.

#2 Beliefs work the same for all of us

  • We all have beliefs: some are useful, but most of them are not because they reflect our old ideas about everything
  • We are unaware of most of them
  • Beliefs are created after we have all sorts of experiences: those thoughts, or ideas, are followed by different kinds of emotions
  • Thoughts are made of energy
  • Energy rules everything you can think of

My spiritual journey brought me to uncover those limiting beliefs little by little. Many of them were the results of painful experiences and traumas that I hadn’t dealt with yet. So to transform the limiting beliefs, it was necessary to find and heal the root in a deeper way.

Since my pivotal life lesson about co-creation that I told you above, I’ve come to understand and learn more about the relationship between our belief system and co-creation. And when you begin such a healing journey, there’s no going back.

#3: When you identify your beliefs, then your awareness expands

What I mean by this is that once you become aware of the patterns created by your beliefs, you can’t unsee them. And that piece of awareness will change your experience if you take action on it. That’s why I’m sharing with you:

My simple 5-step process to discover limiting beliefs and change them

  • Step 1. First of all, get very clear on your current situation. Consider one or more aspect of your life that is important for you at the moment. Are things the way you want them to be? What are the specific struggles and challenges you are going through?  Write everything down.
  • Step 2. Next, ask yourself this question: What do I think and feel about _________? To continue with my example above, let’s imagine that you decided to explore your beliefs about money. What are your thoughts and feelings about it?  

These are a few of the most common thoughts on this subject:

“You have to work hard for your dollars” 

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

“There is never enough to go around!” 

 “Rich people are greedy and uncaring”

“Money is the root of all evil”

“Spiritual work should be free and not paid for”

You want to remember that sometimes, we might discover that we actually hold some positive and constructive ideas. I think it’s very useful to write those beliefs down as well because we want to use and leverage all of the supportive energy we can find!

  • Step 3. Now you’re ready to go deeper: read through what you wrote down and honestly challenge the nature of your thoughts.

To show you what I mean, let’s continue with the money example above: do any of those thoughts feel true to you? Or do they feel familiar, like something you’ve been telling yourself as well? Whether or not you have a limiting belief around money, you can probably notice that none of those thoughts have a relaxed, positive, or optimistic feeling embedded in them.

How can we feel good about creating more abundance, if our beliefs speak lack or evil? Would you say that the underlying energy is one of allowing or one of blocking abundance?

That’s why it’s really key to write down your own feelings and thoughts when you’re going through the process. You might find out that your inner responses to what you desire to create aren’t actually very supportive. Once you dig deeper and tease out your inner beliefs, you may find that they aren’t supportive of the life you WANT to be living at all. You might find out that you feel scared, worried, or undeserving. And if this happens, it’s actually a very good thing. It means you already know what you need to address and solve to be able to get to what your heart desires to create in this life.

  • Step 4. Now you’re ready to ask yourself a very powerful question: In order to manifest what I long for, what would I need to believe and feel instead? Just by looking at your list of ideas of belief, you can easily understand what thoughts need to be turned around and how in order to support your goals and dreams.

Since what we have believed so far has contributed to us creating our current reality, we can see that believing that money is evil is not going to help us make or keep more. Feeling like you can’t be friends with other women, will not help you in making new friends. Asking yourself that question will help you think differently.

So for example, what does someone who has a good relationship with money think and feel about money? Make a list of supporting beliefs and feelings.

  • Step 5. Focus on your new thoughts from now on, day in and day out. This can be done by repeating or listening to affirmations, or using one of the reprogramming audio that I create for your specific situation.

Now, remember this:

  • It’s important to know that underneath those common negative beliefs, there is often a whole set of thoughts hiding and generally speaking, tying back to one’s sense of self-worth. Yep, it goes that deep! In other words, the work to identify and clear limiting beliefs is always done in layers.

          So becoming aware of limiting thoughts is the first, and most important step that anyone can take toward freedom. And it starts by asking yourself what you think and feel about money, or marriage, relationships, or success – whatever matters to you at this moment.

  • At times it might be hard to even identify the positive and supportive beliefs that could help us. That’s because we’ve spent so much time feeling bad about it, that we don’t remember or don’t even know what it’s like to feel different. But with attention and consistency, we can take the first, vital steps and begin a revolutionary healing journey. If you’re willing to, you’re already way ahead of most people out there, who tend to bury their heads in the sand and blame bad luck, the economy, politics, their parents, and so on, for everything that doesn’t work in their life.

That’s where I come in with the deeper work I do to help you discover and clear out for good those outdated ideas – while teaching you how to retrain your brain and thinking.

Over the years, I’ve explored different techniques and selected the most powerful tools. So if you’ve been complaining about your life, lack results, or need to find passion and purpose again, please understand that this process works. It does take time and commitment on your part, like everything else. But the rewards you will reap are really worth it, and it will become easier and easier to create more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

The personal story I shared with you above is just one example of how much our belief system conditions our actions as well as the results of the actions we take. My life has changed in wondrous ways since making the commitment to explore and shift the content of my mind. The quality of my thoughts has changed. I now know when I’m disempowering myself and know what to do about it.

I wish you good luck on your healing journey. Please, let me know if you have any questions about the process I shared with you.

If you’re ready to get faster and more lasting results, I invite you to schedule a complimentary conversation with me so I can learn more about you and show you how I can help you find and release your negative beliefs and become your true self.

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