I created this mini-retreat after using the process myself because I was feeling overwhelmed and, well, stuck.

Two days after completing it, I cleared out and reorganized my whole home office in a matter of a few hours. I’ve been procrastinating on it for more than a year.

I had a difficult conversation I knew I needed to have WITHOUT getting angry or upset. Other things happened.

So I decided to share the process to help a friend out – and whoever else was interested in getting unstuck.

Specifically, this training was created right before the New Moon in Aries of 2023 (March 21).

If you happen to watch this during the New Moon week, know that it will help you greatly to clear the slate so you can set new intentions not only for the month, but for the whole year!

Get pen and paper ready and follow along.

You will find:

  • A simple intro about feeling stuck
  • A round of powerful Affirmations
  • An even more powerful 4-parts written exercise
  • A channeled meditation to help you get aligned with your true intentions for the next cycle (be it a month, 6 months or the full year)

To protect others’ privacy, I cut out from the recording the parts where we shared our findings.

If you have any questions or want to deepen the work together, email me at elisa@elisapalmahancock.com