Intuitive Mediumship Readings with Elisa

I know what it means to long for someone who’s not with us anymore.

I also know that the Spirit realm is closer than we might think. They listen to us, root for us, and many times try to leave a sign of their presence.

There are a lot of emotions we need to learn to deal with, and in my personal experience, both as someone who suffered from the passing of a loved one and someone who communicates with them, so much can shift when we receive a clear sign of their presence, love, and wellbeing.

My Mediumship approach

I practice evidential Mediumship.

It means that I strive to give you evidence of your loved ones’ presence around you while creating a safe and protected space for you, your emotions, and your questions.

You will have the chance to hear any important message they desire to share with you. Usually, those are positive, loving words of support and encouragement, that will console, uplift and guide you.

I’ve been a natural medium and healer since childhood, aware of their presence and God’s love when I had no words to explain it. And I have deep respect and compassion for both the living and the departed.

It might surprise you, but the spirit world loves to share with us good laughter too if given a chance!

“The information that came through gave me many answers and a lot of peace. It was a very healing experience. I highly recommend a Mediumship reading with Elisa.”

“Elisa is a skilled medium and psychic with a deep understanding of various healing methods and approaches. She can channel detailed messages and insights that can be profound, transformational, and life-changing. She is a pleasure to work with, with a kind, considerate, and nurturing approach.”


You can find more testimonials on this page.

I’m excited to offer you a Mediumship reading!

I’ll soon be incorporating group readings and other events. Stay tuned!