Get clear on what the next 12 months have to offer you – and what to do to make the best of them

We constantly co-create our future with our moment-to-moment choices – or lack thereof.

As a matter of fact, the present moment is the sum of all our thoughts, beliefs, and past choices!

By now you know that life is indeed a pattern of awareness and choices AND you also know you make better choices when your mind is clear and your best self is present.

What can really help is a bird-eye view of your present, a snapshot that goes deeper and highlights unseen patterns, the main outer influences as well as those blind spots not so easy to catch.


And that’s what the Wheel of Life with the Akashic Tarot is for.


  • You’re feeling undecided, uncertain, and doubtful
  • Maybe you’re feeling stuck and aren’t sure why
  • You’re looking for answers and maybe reassurance that you’re on the right path
  • You’ve been asking for answers…but no sight of them yet.

Or so it seems… Sometimes we get so stuck on wanting to see something exactly in the way we expect it to be, that we miss on whatever else may be trying to speak to us. And it can be so even if you usually trust your inner guidance, or are learning to do so


  • You want to feel clear-minded again
  • You’re longing for that sense of direction and deeper understanding of your current life situation so as to be at peace again
  • You want to feel excited again and motivated when you decide what to do next.

The Wheel of Life with the Akashic Tarot will reveal the main themes and lessons at work at the moment and the ones you’re most likely to experience, in the next 12 months or so, based on your recent choices.

Unlike other more common card readings, this one merges the ancient astrological houses system with the Akashic Tarot’s power to reflect back intuitively on one’s subconscious aspects, to help create an extensive and useful overview.

Past, present, and future possibilities, challenges, and possible alternatives are revealed, including hidden karmic issues.

With the Wheel of Life card reading, you will:

  • gain clarity on the next steps you need to take. Welcome back, peace!
  • receive acknowledgment and confirmation, so you can begin to trust your intuition more
  • know the main energy at work in each area of your life, which can lead to better decision-making
  • be aware of the meaning of your present circumstances and how past decisions or happenings might be influencing you right now, for bad and for good, hence
  • gather information on how to improve what’s not working well for you
  • understand better your current life lessons, so that you know what to really focus on to turn them from a perceived block into a gift
  • have a detailed map to help you navigate easily the year ahead


“I am very thankful for Elisa’s Wheel of Life Tarot reading. For a good while, I was feeling a call to step forward in my life. I got used to procrastinating. Moreover, when I booked the reading I wasn’t even clear of what I wanted.
The reading disclosed information in a clever manner. I got plenty of hints, enough to acknowledge the fact that I was disregarding my gifts and talents. It also helped me to understand how important it is to speak my truth and to be aligned with my higher self.
I was encouraged to take action and step forward, as well as know what to work on to see the results I desire. Even though there’s a lot of information, somehow everything seems to be connected.
I deeply trust Elisa’s reading. I consider her to be naturally gifted as well as professional, with high ethics and would recommend her work to anyone but mainly to someone who is on the path of self-discovery or self-growth. She is AWESOME.”
Julie Del Valle

What do you get when you book your Wheel of Life with the Akashic Tarot:

  1. One PDF document with a picture of your full spread and a detailed description of each house’s meaning
  2. One video recording of your reading (+ 60 minutes)
  3. Answers to one email to address any questions or doubts

This service is now on sale at $97!

N.B. At the moment being, the wait time is 7 business days, depending on when you’ll book your request.



Is there a best time to request your Wheel of Life with the Akashic Tarot specialty reading?

Although my regular clients like to book it every year in December, this service is perfect also if:

  • your birthday is coming up
  • you’re in a life/work transition or
  • you plain need some good ol’ clarity and a big-picture perspective!

Do I need to know stuff about Astrology to understand it?

Nope! I will explain to you the important facts and meaning so it will be easy to understand.

What are the main differences between an Akashic Records Consultation and the Wheel of Life?

To put it simply, during a consultation I open your personal Records and retrieve the information you specifically asked about, and then some.

When using the Akashic Tarot, I tap intuitively into the Akashic Records but am guided mostly by the imagery and meaning of the cards and their position.

In both cases, my connection does the work! Think of it this way: the Wheel of Life is like taking a picture of a beautiful view, while the Akashic Records Consultation is like painting a detailed portrait of your beautiful being!

Is one better than the other? Should I give precedence to one or the other first?

Again, the answer is no. They can complement each other beautifully, though, and that’s how many of my clients use both services.