Akashic Energy Forecast – New Moon in Pisces

The spiritual energy of this cycle is strong and full of possibilities for renewal.

In my monthly explorations as a new cycle approaches with a new moon, I intend to understand what main themes are active and at work for us all, and how to make the best of it.

Since I’m passionate about all things metaphysics including Astrology, that I studied in my 20s, I find that there’s often a connection between what I receive through my exploration within the Akashic Records and the sign that the new moon is in. So I lightly touch on it to give you a frame of reference.

The dreamy, poetic, and deep energy of Pisces opens up the door to the room of dissolution, where everything that’s old and stagnating and heavy on our hearts and minds, can be released. Nothing has defined boundaries in the Pisces realm, so there’s no better time to finally forgive and let go. Taking the high road now will “only” help better things build momentum to move forward.

I’m talking about making peace, with ourselves or others; accepting how things have been so far. Reunions are made possible when we do our best to understand other people’s points of view and motives and not just our own.

I know, forgiveness is a process – sometimes we get it in a split second, and other times we might be right at the beginning of such a process, like when we realize we’ve had enough of all the blaming and resenting. Beginning is a potent act, do not ever discount that.

It only makes sense, then, that the spiritual energy we freed up by releasing old grudges and making peace, if only with parts of ourselves, can now be harnessed to build stamina, and focus.

Do not just bask in this beautiful energy of renewal! I mean, you could if you really wanted to. However, this is also the perfect time to plan and take action.

Since Pisces is all about dreaming, why not dream the better version of ourselves to life? That’s why we can act with confidence: after forgiving and releasing to a Higher Power, life takes up a different flavor.

For some of us, travel or even relocation could be happening too.

This beautiful cycle can easily help us perceive and finally attune to true abundance, renewal and promises kept. The things that most matter in life like our closest relationships, health, and harmony can grace our everyday life, inevitably expanding the material aspects of life if that’s one of our goals.

🎈Take time today and in the next few days to listen in and reflect. Also, what have you noticed in this past cycle? Any repeating pattern or old pain that you come to realize is ready to go?

Letting go is a choice, maybe you want to see how it feels?

Grudges can be emotional cages. Let’s not forget we’re the ones holding the key to the door.

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Elisa πŸ’œ

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