Discover your Life’s Purpose and your Soul’s Journey through the Wisdom of the Akashic Records

There are some questions that need answers more than others ones. Many times we find we’ve been looking for those answers in many places, and have collected in fact a good number of clues. Still, some connections seem to be missing.

This is what is often accomplished through an Akashic Record’s consultation, or reading. But before I tell you how, I want to make sure I cover all the important facts first.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records, also known as the Book of Life, contain the history of every Soul since its conception and journey through time and space.

Some describe the Records as a library: each book tells a story from the Soul’s standpoint, and the story is always evolving. Another way to think about it is the internet! The search engines we use every day, are a perfect example of their vastity and all-encompassing nature.

The experience with the Akashic Records is one of pure Love – no conditions, no judgment – and Joy.

Registri Akashici - Elisa Palma-Hancock

What can an Akashic Records consultation help with?

You can bring to the Records any issue, question, or even decision you need to make – be it about health, love, relationship, work, and business.

You will get a powerful, deep, sometimes humorous perspective and timeless wisdom that will help illuminate your concerns.

Most people leave feeling uplifted and recharged when the consultation is over. For sure you will leave with new ideas and practical steps to keep you moving forward. You will receive healing and also be able to make room for something new to manifest in your life.

Valuable information will be shared with you, of the kind that can improve your life experience, such as:

  • uncover your main limiting beliefs or roadblocks to your achievements (if you haven’t yet, I’ve created a free assessment for you to help you find out!)
  • learn your talents and gifts encoded in your Soul – the ones you maybe still have to tap into fully, rediscover, or just get confirmation of!
  • your life purpose
  • any past life experience, if that can help you understand better the nature and origin of your challenges or blocks
  • retrieve any past life’s talent you can use at this round to help you improve any area of your life that proves to be challenging at this time
  • receive an energy attunement and download straight from your Higher Self

These are just a few of the benefits you can receive from connecting with your Akashic Records.

They are first and foremost a tool for personal and spiritual growth.


How does the Akashic Records consultation happen?

I access your Akashic Records and connect to your Higher Self and what I call your Spiritual Team – which includes the Masters and Teachers of the Akasha. 

Since the vastness of information present there, I will use your questions as a guide and a reference. It’s important to choose your questions with care and word them clearly.

I always suggest writing them down, because writing helps you focalize your thoughts and intention for the reading. Imagine if you were to enter a huge emporium without the faintest idea of what to look for or what you even need. You would probably leave empty-handed, or even worse, with three random things you’re never going to use ever again. What a waste of time and resources!

The channeled information comes from the Heart of the Akasha itself, and it’s really like having a conversation, just very deep, at times amusing and certainly uplifting and healing.

Once the session is over, I’ll close the connection with your Akashic Records and we’ll bid our goodbyes.

How many consultations do I need to see the results I want?

This is a bit of an odd question, to which I usually answer: it depends.

The Akashic Records are not a “fix it for me” kind of thing. Although they will provide you with invaluable guidance, and practical steps if you ask for them, the revelations can only go as far as you let them. So it depends on the nature of your question, on what you’re really looking for, on your intention or goal, and last but not least, on your own awareness.

What we decide to do with the information we receive also matters a lot. If you choose to take action and address what emerges, in whatever way feels right to you, you’ll reach great results.

Asking for guidance repeatedly on the same subject without taking action on any of the solutions proposed, usually brings to more of the same. Or nothing.

Why the Akashic Records?

The first time I “officially” entered the Records (in 2015) I discovered I had been there many times before without reallyThe 3 spiritual laws of the Akashic Records knowing it. Chances are you may have, too.

However, the first reading came at a time in my life when my sense of purpose felt less than clear – as a result of a major life change that I had gone through. By the way, I’ve had MANY of them. I’m here to prove to you to never ever give up on yourself.

The Akashic Records consultation I received at that moment was definitely Divinely guided and timed. It brought me relief and loads of gratitude when a sense of dread had taken place, and it triggered an unexpected, crucial series of events that led to deeper healing I didn’t even know I needed.

No, it didn’t all happen in a week. It took time and commitment and many start-over moments. What mattered the most, however, was the priceless chance to find clarity, receive the longed-for guidance, and be reminded that we all need to experience the unconditional love we desire and deserve.

If you wish to tap into deeper knowledge about your past, present, and possible future, come meet your Soul along with your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones and leave reconnected with loving energy.

There are infinite opportunities for us to grow past the limitations we frequently impose on ourselves. Becoming aware of the whys and the hows is one of the greatest assets we can have access to.

To sum it all up…

If you’re looking to:

  • uncover your main blocks in whatever area of your interest
  • understand how to overcome them
  • receive an energy attunement
  • find confirmation of your intuitions, ideas, and projects
  • know what to do next to get there

then an Akashic Records consultation can be what you’re looking for.

So now, if you’re wondering…

How to book your Akashic Records consultation with me

Here’s all you need to know:

  • Use the form below to ask me for any clarifications you might need and to schedule your appointment. Please indicate a preferred time if need be.
  • Get ready for your exciting meeting by writing down at least 3 to 5 questions. Chances are you might have more than 5 – that’s perfectly fine and quite common. Choose the ones that have the highest priority for you at this very moment.
  • How you word your questions makes a difference. Make sure you avoid yes/no questions, and phrase them instead using “how, when, why, what” when you formulate them. (i.e. Should I take that job? becomes: What are the best possible outcomes for me taking that job?)
  • Keep your questions handy for the day of our call, and make sure you come to the appointment as much as possible relaxed and present. I don’t need to receive the questions beforehand.
  • With your permission, I will then access your Records and everything will work like a normal conversation – except I’ll be receiving information from your Higher Self and the Spiritual Team I mentioned before.
  • Consultations are scheduled in 60 minutes time. At the end of our meeting, you will receive the audio recording in mp4.

Please note: all meetings are now offered via Zoom, a very easy-to-use free app (phone being a second option). 

Click HERE to schedule time with me 



or send me an email if you have questions.


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Clients Love:

“In one hour I felt a release”

Elisa is a gifted channel of the Akashic Records. I received a reading from her and felt the information that was brought forth helped me with old issues tied with the past around family. Elisa’s wise and intuitive insights gave me new ways to see and resolve old concerns. In one hour I felt a release from worries that have lasted decades. Powerful information that feels true and touches my own knowing. Beautiful. Thank you, Elisa!

Donna Colfer, Financial Counselor

“It put me back in touch with myself”

It happens to fall back in the same old same old you thought you got rid of…and despite your will, you know you cannot make it by yourself. Then finally you ask for help. I started following Elisa’s light and energy, and the teachings of my old therapist. Those two paths have magically crossed each other and I have finally found peace. The Akashic Records reading has filled my heart with love and it helped me go past that very awful moment of my life. It put me back in touch with myself while giving me the strength to stand up again thanks to Elisa’s sensitivity and the huge amount of work we did. I will never say thank you enough for this magical experience and for all the love and energy she transmitted to me. THANK YOU!

Elisa Tamburini, Fitness Trainer

“I felt surrounded by love”

[…]Searching for help, I found Elisa. It was easy for me to talk to her over the phone about my struggles and doubts.[…]

Elisa offered me a few choices. I decided to start with an Akashic Record reading. Then was the first time I experienced that love and certainty. I had the warmest soul conversation. Not only did I receive answers to all my questions but also I was guided to find the answers myself.  That day, driving back home I felt surrounded by love, like my body and my car were blessed.  It took me a while though to digest all the information and feelings I experienced.[…]

Elisa is professional, intuitive, and wise. I’m glad I met her.

Julie del Valle, Mill Valley CA

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